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Algamaris is a unique sunscreen because it provides a formulation based on natural ingredients, a filter that is 100% natural, and the remarkable cellular protection of Alga-gorria.
In fact, for the first time, this active principle derived from red algae, with an antioxidant power that is 13 times higher than a group of other antioxidant molecules from a reference sample, is used in cosmetics. Combined with a mineral filter, it is your best daily protection all year round to effectively prevent skin damage caused by UV rays.

Are Mineral Sunscreens Toxic To Marine Ecosystems?

Several studies were conducted to evaluate the toxicological potential of TiO2 and ZnO minerals towards marine life. Most of the results did not reveal any toxicity on the studied organisms. Only nanoparticles with sizes below 30 nm and without coating did show moderate effect on micro-algae growth, however with concentrations too high to be representative of an environmental context.
Results show that toxicity, if any, is inversely correlated to the size of particles. No study to our knowledge did reveal any toxicity of ZnO and TiO2 with sizes superior to 150 nm like the one we use.
Interestingly, the same experiments revealed that particles naturally aggregate when dispersed in aqueous media and rapidly sediment. It is worth noting that TiO2 is a common mineral that is entering composition of sand. ZnO, although less common, is also a mineral found in nature.