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Kjaer Weis

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Kjær Weis - The eponymous cosmetics line by Kirsten Kjær Weis, is fast changing the face of organic makeup. Fusing high fashion and 'green living', Kjaer Weis' colour range features incredible, 95% organic formulas, classic colours that transcend all trends, and collectible compacts to treasure forever.

Danish-born, New York based Makeup Artist, Kirsten felt there was a gap in the market for a brand that uses green ingredients paired with modern design and packaging. Enlisting the help of legendary designer Marc Atlan - who has created iconic packaging for the likes of Comme des Garcons and Helmut Lang, Kirsten briefed on refillable packaging that was built to last. The result is packaging made of Zamac (zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper alloy) that is heavy, weighty, and gorgeous. Housed inside: A range of lip tints, cream blush and eye shadows that are 95% organic, refillable and beautiful to wear.

Kjaer Weis eye shadows blend well, have a subtle pearl finish and stay on beautifully without creasing. Kirsten: "I created these neutral shades of light beige, taupe, brown and grayish black, to flatter all eye colors. Whether subtle or dramatic these specially created shades will always highlight and flatter a woman's natural beauty."

Kirsten about Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes: A cream blush makes you glow; it brightens the eyes and gives a youthful, sun-kissed look, almost like coming back from a brisk walk. I apply it to the apple of the cheek and it melts with the warmth of the fingers. Cream blush enlivens the skin and gives a youthful appearance.

Kirsten about her Kjaer Weis lip tints - I like the lips to look "modern": not overly lipstick-y; moist, not shiny; a beautiful finish without looking made-up. This Lip Tint contains moisture with a hint of color. I usually apply it with my fingers. It gives a contemporary, effortless look.

Kirsten about her Foundations“As a makeup artist, I can tell you that every great look needs to start with flawless skin. That’s why I created a foundation that provides easy, buildable coverage. The results are a flawless, natural finish; it’s your skin, perfected,”