Amazing DIY #5: Hair Masks

There are countless beauty related tips and DIY tricks floating around in the world wide web, all promising to offer a solution to whatever beauty problem you can think of. At Amazingy, we’re getting to the root of one of those beauty secrets every month, trying to find a good anwser to the question: Will this really help? Some home remedies are a great replacement for overpriced beauty products, but others can do much more harm than good. We’re on a mission to tell you which is which!

Hair masks to try at home

DIY hair masks are an easy and affordable way to get your hair looking shinier and feeling softer. Concocting your own mask is as easy as using ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Hair masks, when they are done weekly, work to moisturise damaged or dry locks, to alleviate an irritated scalp, or to balance the scalp’s pH level.

Mask for Dry Hair

This mask is most fitting for hair that lacks in natural oil production. If your hair breaks easily, has split ends, and/or looks dull and damaged, try this mixture:

  • 2 Tbsp. honey + 1 Tbsp. coconut oil

Mask for Itchy or Flaky Scalp

This mask is the solution for a dry scalp. It works magic by removing dead skin cells and nourishing the base of the hair shaft.

  • 2 Tbsp. brown sugar + 1 Tbsp. olive oil

Mask for Oily Hair

This mask is for greasy hair. It helps by correcting the pH level of the scalp and hair, which neutralizes excessive oil production, leaving your locks with a grease free shine.

  • ¼ cup Apple cider vinegar + I Lemon with rind

Mix all ingredients well in a bowl. Wash your hair normally and skip the conditioner. While the pores on your head are still open, apply your chosen mask evenly to your scalp and comb it through damp hair. Work the mask from your roots to your tips. Cover with a towel or shower cap. Rinse out with warm water after 20 minutes.

All ingredients in the suggested mask mixtures above can be combined to meet your individual needs.

Natural ingredients and how they work

Honey acts as a humectant, meaning it helps to retain moisture. Moisture is what gives hair its voluminous and shiny appearance. Find out more about the health benefits of honey here.

Coconut oil is also highly moisturising—sometimes too moisturising. Use it in moderation, or your hair will look oily and dirty instead of glamorous and shiny. If you have mid length to long hair, use 1 tablespoon. For short hair, use 1 teaspoon. For more information on the benefits of coconut oil, check out this article.

Brown sugar is a natural exfoliant that helps remove dead skin cells from the scalp and any residue that has built up on the hair shaft.

Extra virgin olive oil gives damaged hair a shiny and strong finish. Like coconut oil, start with less and slowly work in more as needed, otherwise you’ll have difficulty rinsing it out.

Apple cider vinegar strips residual build up from conditioners and all the various products applied to your hair. It also works as a natural de-tangler and leaves your hair with a healthy sheen. Most importantly, apple cider vinegar helps both topically and internally to balance the body’s pH levels.

Lemon is an astringent. Its acidity helps to reduce excessive oil production and, like apple cider vinegar, will balance the scalp’s pH level.


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“Amazing DIY #5: Hair Masks”
  • I do not know if anyone can help me. I have MS. 2 years ago, I started losing my hair in rows. How is that possible? I have used argon, coconut oil, yogurt and several of the hair loss shampoo and conditioners. I think some is growing back. I can run my finger about a 1/4″ from the scalp and I feel little hairs. But…so much of it has broken off now that I don’t know if they are growing out or simply broken off. My hair was always my favorite feature. Now I try to hide from people. My hair was below my waist. Black curly, wavy hair. Now It is almost to the bottom of my neck. I am a simple person who uses as many natural products as I can afford being completely disabled. Do you have anything for someone like me? My son will be married at the end of August. I do not want a wig but as a mother of the groom, I would never want to embarrass him. I bought some hair extensions a couple of months ago for another wedding in the family. These were cheap to try to get some volume and they clip in. I tried to find places to put them but the front and top of my head to my forehead has hardly any hair left. It looked like more volume but also looked pitiful at the same time. Are there foods I can eat to stop this hair loss? Help!!

    • Hi Suzie,
      Thanks for reaching out. I can understand how frustrating that must be for you.
      Due to the nature of MS, nearly any function can be affected, this could explain your hair loss situation. It could also be side affects of some medications, or a complete other reason. I would consult with your doctor first and form most, and also, before you make any dietary or supplementary changes.

      Check out this other article I wrote on ways to get fuller, thicker, fast growing hair, it has some tips and dietary advice that could help. It might also interest you to look into the mineral silica, known for strengthening nails and the hair shaft. Health foods stores should supply it, so talk to one of the people who work there and they should be able to inform you more.

      I know first hand how hair can act like a security blanket, especially when you’re used to having long hair. When it’s short, you don’t feel like yourself somehow. But hair and skin is just aesthetics, walk in pride of who you are, and with confidence, this is what truly shines and will make you look beautiful next to your son on his wedding day.

      All the best,

    • Hi Suzie,

      So sorry to hear about your problems. I don’t believe products can fix hair-loss. What you have sounds like Alopecia areata to me, an auto-immune disease that causes hairloss. I would advice you to visit a doctor and ask him/her for advice. Of course it’s terrible, loosing your hair, but at least the disease is otherwise not dangerous.

      All the best and I hope a doctor is able to help you!


  • Hi,

    You can even try banana with milk, avocado and yogurt, just plain yogurt hair masks. These are very good for the hair and make the hair soft.

  • Can I mix them up and put in a glass jar for later use or should I use immediately? If so how long is the shelf life?

    • Hi there, good question.
      They should keep up to a couple of weeks even months if stored correctly. Sugar, honey and citric acids also work as a natural mild preservative.
      For a longer shelf life: store in air tight glass containers, and make sure you sterilise the heat proof jars and all equipment before use, you can do this simply by boiling them in water. Then store in the fridge with a date made label. However, if you start to see any kind of mold growing, or it smells off, throw it out.
      Hope this helps! Alana x

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