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Eco by Sonya / Eco Tan - Face Tan Water
Eco by Sonya / Eco Tan - Face Tan WaterEco by Sonya Face Tan Water Before and After Results

Face Tan Water


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Eco by Sonya - Face Tan Water

This innovative formulation will change the way you see facial tanners.

Eco by Sonya's face tan water will help you build a gradual, natural looking glow for your face, while replacing the toner and even moisturiser in your skin care regime. After only two nights you will notice a believable sun-kissed glow.

  • Created for Oily and Acne prone skins
  • Delivers a gorgeous sun kissed glow and an even complexion
  • Locks in moisture without clogging pores
  • Use as a toner 2/3 times a week to achieve a natural glow
  • No need to use a moisturiser after use due to the amazing moisturing properties in the product
  • No hidden nasties. No artificial colourants. No orange dyes

100 ml

Below you will find some frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I still wear foundation?
A: Yes, you can still wear foundation on top of Face Tan Water. However, some people say that the product reduces their need to wear foundation. Face Tan Water gives a little hint of a glow, without the need for make-up. 
Q: Will it make my pigmentation/dark spots more noticeable? 
A: Face Tan Water uses clever ingredients from mother nature to brighten and overall even complexion. We rarely receive feedback that it makes pigmentation and dark spots more prominent, however, individual results may vary.
Q: Can I use my usual moisturiser on top?
A: Face Tan Water has moisturising properties that moisturise the skin without clogging pores, so you don't need to use a moisturiser on top. However, you can still apply your usual moisturiser on top if you would like. 
Q: How long before I see colour?
A: We recommend at least two applications to see best results. To maintain your facial glow, we recommended applying it on your face and décolletage twice a week. 
Q: Can I reapply to get a darker look?
A: Reapplying Face Tan Water will build facial skin tone to a sun kissed glow. 
Q: How often do I apply Face Tan Water?
A: To maintain your skin kissed glow, we suggest applying Face Tan Water at least twice a week on your face and décolletage. However, results may vary and for a deeper colour, apply daily or as often as desired. 

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