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Pai Skincare - Organic Stretch Mark System
Pai Skincare - Organic Stretch Mark SystemPai Skincare - Organic Stretch Mark SystemPai Skincare - Organic Stretch Mark System

Organic Stretch Mark System


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Brand: Pai Skincare

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Pai Skincare - Organic Stretch Mark System

Pai Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Organic Stretch Mark System helps prevent and improve the visible effects of stretching on the skin.

  • 2-Step Hydrating Cream & Replenishing Oil for 24-Hour Stretch Mark Defence.
  • Hydrating Cream drives water into skin, promoting elasticity and minimising tearing.
  • Conditioning Oil increases skin suppleness and elasticity to help prevent Stretch Marks.
  • Omega-rich, seven oil blend provides lasting skin nourishment.
  • 100% Essential Oil & Fragrance Free - suitable for all stages of pregnancy (and beyond).

The innovative two-phase Oil & Cream system, endorsed by leading London dermatologists, combines both essential forms of nourishment to keep skin strong and supple.

An expert combination of Vitamins E & C, plus Omegas 3,5,6,7 & 9 protect skin cell structure and enhance elasticity, helping skin to stretch and bounce back into shape without showing signs of damage.

This full range of Essential Fatty Acids also stimulates skin cell regeneration, visibly diminishing the appearance of existing marks and skin blemishes.

The rich and intensively conditioning oil absorbs readily into the skin without leaving greasy residues, while the buttery cream provides deep and long-lasting skin-softening replenishment.

Using the Cream in the morning and Oil at night, this innovative and complete Stretch Mark System promotes soft and supple skin.

HarpersNatalie Portman, In Style Oct '12 

"Natalie swears by her long-term vegetarian diet and a bottle of Pai Skincare's Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Oil to ward off stretchmarks while pregnant."

100ml - Pomgranate & Pumkin Seed Oil
200ml - Pomgranate & Pumkin Seed Cream

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