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Skin & Bones

Skin & Bones Organic Natural Skincare

Skin & Bones is a product with years of practice and the fine tuning of essential oils. I used to have skin that misbehaved and I could never pin point when and why I was having skin issues. I had dry AND oily skin and always a random pimple forming under my skin like a volcano that would never erupt. Maddening. I also had a "sheen" that did not in anyway look like a "glow."

In the middle of a very weird time in my life I met Ruby and Ray - medicine people whose mission it is to spread the word on the healing capabilities of essential oils. They taught me essential oils are safe and each oil has dozens of physical and emotionally healing properties. Essential oils are like people - they all have their unique qualities that another cannot replicate. I am thankful Ruby and Ray introduced me to the magic of essential oils. Ruby made this wonderful face oil for me and told me to trust it - "it really works." I had heard that a million times with other products that didn't work, so I put it on my shelf to hang out with the rest of my "miracle" products. Well, later that year I was under a huge amount of stress and developed a skin "boil" on my face that actually caused some scarring. Out of desperation I reached for Ruby's oil. In a matter of days my skin had cleared and I started getting compliments on my skin and how great I smelled - like a spa they would say.

I took Ruby's lead and started mixing my own oils. After a lot of research, countless recipes and numerous blends I found my perfect potion, with the perfect scent. Then my husband started using it and then my friends started, um, stealing mine. So after some encouragement from family and friends I began bottling and selling it, Skin & Bones was born. I named it Skin & Bones because I know that these essential oils heal on all levels and work intuitively.

Skin & Bones is loved by many, I have received lots of hallelujahs and thanks for making a cool 100% natural and organic product. Enjoy, your skin will...