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Fair Trade Condoms

Lovepack condoms prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases. The condoms are manufactured in Germany and are certified by CE mark, which means they meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

Each Lovepack condom is electronically tested, has no usual rubber smell and has a lubricant layer. The condoms come in boxes that look decorative on your bedside table.

Condoms are good – Why should you use condoms?

* On open air concerts condoms are pulled over microphones to protect them from rain
* You could put your mobile phone in a condom when you are at the beach. That way it cannot be damaged by sand or water.
* You could use condoms as water balloons and throw them at your mean neighbor
* Condoms are used as teat substitute for feeding small mammals that have lost their mother and now need to be brought up by humans.
* If a man uses a condom while masturbating in a car the seats will stay clean.
* Condoms are still the only protection against HIV and other unpleasant STDs.