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Luxsit stands for high quality, all natural, everyday luxury that you can enjoy with a clear conscience.
Luxsit works with carefully selected plant extracts, primarily from the nordic flora, and use the fast disappearing knowledge of traditional medicine. Luxsit's ingredients are completely biodegradable. This is to fulfil our ambition to provide exceptional products without harming the environment. Their products are made in their own factory located in Nacka, just outside Stockholm, Sweden.
About the founders
Luxsit Organic Care was founded in 2007 by Jenny Kärner with Theresia Dibinger joining in 2008. Together they produce and sell luxurious skin & hair care products that are kind to both people and the environment. 
With a Master’s degree in Biomedicine from Sweden’s renowned Karolinska Institute and years spent practicing biodynamic cultivation at Stockholm’s Rosendal Gardens, Jenny combines theoretical excellence with hands-on experience.
Theresia’s grounding in basic medicine and homeopathy from the Arcanum (Homeopathy Forum) brings complementary scientific perspectives to our (extensive) study of the herbal cures found in traditional medicine. Science and traditional knowledge together form the heart of the Luxsit brand.

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