Colors Japonica - Single Bag Fragrance Card Daidai Iro

Colors Japonica - Single Bag Fragrance Card Daidai Iro

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Colors Japonica - Single Fragrance Card Daidai Iro

Daidai Iro - the color of delight: calming, warming and joyous

Spicy citrus notes of mandarine, bergamot, moroccan cedarwood, turmeric, ho-wood and frankincense.

Let this fascinating honeycomb card deliver a light & alluring scent in your everyday life. Each card is individually infused with fragrance and comes in a smart resealable bag. Simply place it in your closet or take it with you in your bag, wallet, or further to the destination of your journey.

All COLORS JAPONICA fragrance compositions are created from 100% natural and pure essences & absolutes – carefully distilled and extracted from flowers, woods, citruses and spices.

One individually packed fragrance card.

Works: approx. 3-4 weeks

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