Skin & Bones - x Unearthen Chakra Fragrance

Skin & Bones - x Unearthen Chakra Fragrance

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Skin & Bones x Unearthen Chakra Fragrance

The Chakra Fragrance is blended by hand and made with organic jojoba and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Seven oils to represent each chakra in this deep but bright fragrance - Vetiver, Bergamot, Pink Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Myrrh, and Frankincense.
The scent moves around and changes with the user. One minute it's bright, the next it's mysterious.
Root Chakra Essential Oil: Vetiver - Woody, smokey, earthy, and spicy. Soothing and calming.
Unbalanced: Ungrounded, unclear of purpose, fearful, insecure, confused.
Balanced: Grounded, secure, safe, content.
Sacral Chakra Essential Oil: Bergamot - Fresh, citrusy, slightly floral.
Unbalanced: Sexual problems, needy or withdrawn, fear of sexual or emotional intimacy.
Balanced: Smooth creative flow, healthy sexual desire, positive outlook.
Solar Plexis Chakra Essential Oil: Pink Grapefruit - Bright, crisp, invigorating, energizing.
Unbalanced: Arrogant/ego, nervousness, rebellious or too eager to please, addictive behavior.
Balanced: Confidence without arrogance, comfortable in own’s skin, calm, patient, flexible.
Heart Chakra Essential Oil: Ylang Ylang - Fresh, floral, slightly sweet, fragrant yet delicate.
Unbalanced: Selfish, jealous, grief stricken, excessive loneliness, depression.
Balanced: Love, joy, empathy, giving, compassionate.
Throat Chakra Essential Oil: Sandalwood - sweet, warm, rich, and woody.
Unbalanced: Outbursts, manipulative, shy, or excessive talking.
Balanced: Good listener, honest, expressive.
Third Eye Chakra Essential Oil: Myrrh - rich, smokey, balsamic.
Unbalanced: Judgy, overly intellectual, forgetful, non-sympathetic, dream/sleep issues.
Balanced: Intelligent, sharp memory, intuitive, clear memory, common sense.
Crown Chakra Essential Oil: Frankincense - sweet, warm, balsamic.
Unbalanced: Excessive fear of death, feeling alone in the universe or having god complex, feeling unloved or angry at creator, unspiritual.
Balanced: Wise, insightful, connected to higher power and others, balanced spiritually.
15 ml.
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Ich kann mich der Frage meiner Vorgängerin nur anschließen: handelt es sich hier um ein siebenteiliges Duftset mit jeweils 15ml? Liebe Grüße G.C.

Asked by GabrieleCattarius | 12/14/2014, 17:19 | 1 answer(s)

Hallo zusammen,ich interessiere mich für diese chakraparfum und wurde gern erfahren wieviel ml. hat flasche und wie duftet das? Lieben Gruß

Asked by Katja | 01/13/2014, 12:38 | 1 answer(s)
Pure Spirit!
Ob bei Yoga, Meditation, Entspannung oder schamanischer Reise - dieser Duft ist wirklich etwas ganz besonderes! Erdig, warm, krautig, süßlich - ein sehr vielschichtiger, sinnlicher und erdender Duft!

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Strange, warm, sensuous, earth, spirits
Don't know how to describe this perfume oil, it's so different from everything I know and yet it smells so familiar. I think you will love it or hate it but it can also grow on you. It reminds me of the special ceremonies I had where the shaman burnt different kind of herbs and used all sort of perfumes. Note: I am a down to earth girl but this will definitely bring you to higher realms and deep into the forest ;)

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