Rose Geranium Single Note 100% Organic Eau de Parfum

Balm Balm - Rose Geranium Single Note Eau de Parfum

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Balm Balm - Rose Geranium Single Note Eau de Parfum

nostalgic, spirited, graceful and vibrant perfume - 100% Organic, 100% Natural!

A single note Eau de Parfum with Rose Geranium essential oil and pure grain alcohol.

Each of the Single Note Eau de Parfums has a character of it's own and can be worn alone or combined with any of the others to create your own individual mood and scent.

For combination ideas see How To section.



Here are some suggestions, but make your own combinations for the best fun you’ve ever had with fragrance:

ROMANTIC...rose geranium + mandarin
SEXY...ylang ylang + rose geranium
FEMININE...rose geranium + lavender
ARTY...ylang ylang + petitgrain + rose geranium
OUTRAGEOUS...all seven single notes for a kaleidascope of fragrance
SIMPLICITY...any single note worn alone for it’s stunning simplicity
Pelargonium Graveolens Roseum (Rose Geranium, 100% Organic Grain Alcohol
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Suche ein reines Rosen Geranium Parfum, ohne weitere Duftzusätze? Bitte um eine Empfehlung oder Duftprobe. Danke! MfG

Asked by Lisa | 12/30/2014, 16:27 | 1 answer(s)

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