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FINE is Italian and means „end“. And this is exactly what FINE does: it ends unpleasant body odor and the uncomfortable feeling that comes along with it. Your search for a clean and efficient deodorant is hereby coming to an end. Fine Aluminum Free Deodorant

FINE also means „lovely“ and „nice“ and if you ask us, these words describe FINE perfectly.

Fine products do not contain any aluminum salts and if you'd like you could actually eat it. It smells divine and the scent lingers only for a while so you can still wear a perfume on top. Additionally, FINE looks beautiful just sitting in your bathroom.

"Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated by three things: Health, scent and beauty. The desire to live a healthy live turned me into an expert on everything diet or body related. I was blessed with a sensitive nose and as the only one from our household, I could already smell the pizza place around the corner when I was only two years old.
Until today I am obsessed with scents. Beauty means to me that we perfect our aesthetics and find balance instead of superficial beauty, which is subdued by alternating fashion trends. I engage in these topics in different ways: as a curator, urban researcher and yoga instructor. Additionally, I was on the hunt for a deodorant for decades. It should not only prevent unwanted odor but also satisfy my three obsessions. I could not help it: I needed to create FINE."

Dr. Bettina Judith Springer ­ - Founder