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EVOA Natural Coral Seef Sunscreen

After two years of research in collaboration with the University of Ancona and Pr Danovaro, all the formulas of the EVOA products have been tested on site following an approved scientific protocol. EVOA is the first sunscreen range in the world proven to be eco-compatible and scientifically approved for use in a coral reef.

Distributed globally, EVOA is a partner of the “1% For The Planet” program and the Surfrider Foundation. EQ donates a part of Evoa sales revenue to the repopulation of coral reefs in devastated areas. EQ commits to increasing awareness on the need to protect the marine ecosystem.


  •  The first sunscreen certified non-toxic for coral reefs and aquatic environments (oceans, rivers, lakes)
  •  Allergen-free, synthetic scent-free and paraben-free
  •  The ideal sunscreen for outdoor and sports lifestyle: does not sting the eyes and is water resistant.
Made with the finest ingredients with beneficial effects on the skin:
  • Natural active ingredients selected for their nourishing and antioxydant properties 
  • Prevents the skin from peeling
  • Long-lasting and harmonious tan 
  • SPF indexes are guaranteed and measured according to current regulations (2006/647/CE)

Nanoparticle-free mineral filters for optimal protection:

  • Immediate protection against UVA and UVB rays upon application
  • No systemic absorption
  • Endocrine disrupter-free – unlike most of the products containing chemical filters
  • Ideal for the family 
  • Dermatological sunscreen for photosensitive skins or people with intolerance to chemical solar filters.
100% NATURAL products certified by ECOCERT® and Cosmebio®