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The Dopper - sustainable water bottle

The Dopper is an initiative for the promotion of tap water and the reduction of plastic waste. For this purpose, the Dopper has introduced the perfect tap water bottle; durable, convenient and nicely designed. You will no longer need disposable bottles, which will reduce plastic waste! The Dopper is produced in the Netherlands with a zero carbon footprint, is free of BPA and supports drinking water projects in Asia and Africa.

  • Your Dopper reduces plastic waste
  • Your Dopper loves delicious, Dutch tap water (0 calories!)
  • Your Dopper can be filled nearly anywhere and nearly for free using the Dopper App
  • Your Dopper is sustainable, practical and nicely designed!
  • The Dopper promotes tap water
  • Your Dopper supports Simavi drinking water projects

Tap water is the most sustainable thirst-quencher there is. And what's more: tap water quenches your thirst 100%, with 0 calories, for about 0 cents. Tap water in most EU countries is extremely clean; it has to meet even higher standards than mineral water. Part of the proceeds of the Dopper goes to activities to promote tap water. And: the more people ask for tap water for their Dopper, the more locations will be set up where you can fill up. The Dopper App gives you the locations of these free public water taps.

The Dopper reduces plastic waste
Every day, in the Netherlands alone, at least 500,000 plastic (water) bottles are thrown away. They end up on the rubbish dump, on the street or in the sea. There is an island of plastic waste the size of France and Spain combined floating around our oceans. In addition, every water bottle requires 1 litre of water and a quarter litre of oil to produce. The Dopper is produced with a net zero carbon footprint, is BPA free and is made largely of recycled plastic. The Dopper is dishwasher-safe and can also easily be cleaned with a dishwashing brush.

The Dopper is nicely designed!
Of course, you could use a glass and keep washing it out. But that's not that practical on the go. Or you could refill a disposable bottle. But that is not very hygienic and they quickly become a bit grubby. The Dopper is the ideal travel bottle and holds a little less than half a litre. What's more, the Dopper is of beautiful Dutch design by Rinke van Remortel. Now that you wouldn't mind showing off!