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De Lilou

De Lilou
De Lilou Founder Luisa Wiesche"DE LILOU was born from a real need for effective, natural, long-lasting and pleasurable hand care – handmade personally by me with heart and soul. I set out to create a recipe that would make no compromises, not in its noticeable effectiveness, health safety or environmental responsibility, nor in the inclusion of optimum quantities of the finest natural ingredients. The result: radiant beauty.” – Luisa Wiesche
It had been a long and cold winter in Hamburg, Germany, where I live. My hands were dry and chapped. After a long quest, I concluded that there was nowhere I could find a hand care product that offered anything but the most temporary relief… So I fell back on my reserve of Brazil nuts, these precious edible nuts that grow in my original homeland. With them I prepared a rich and fresh Brazil nut milk: water, shelled nuts, some oat and honey - everything was mixed in the blender, then sieved to yield an ultra creamy vegetable milk. A small amount was enough to restore to my hands their much longed-for smoothness. I wanted to take and share this treatment wherever I would go!
Tradition and Science go into a tube
I knew I was on to something special. As a highly trained chemist with a history of developing products in the beauty product space, formulation expert and devotee of fine natural beauty products, I created and applied our exclusive hand cream formula based on the traditional Brazil nut milk for three patents. In this process I located and sourced only the highest quality ingredients, which are delivered by trustful partners with sustainable practices. Parabens, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde donors, phthalates, petroleum-based raw materials and synthetic colorants have of course no place in the recipe! The delicate scent is totally free from potential allergens. Only small batches of the hand cream are carefully manufactured – a made in Germany product.