BioBrush Berlin - Biobrush Toothbrush

BioBrush Berlin - Biobrush Toothbrush

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Berlin Biobrush - Biodegradable Toothbrush

Toothbrush Made with Upcycled Wood Fibers & Naturally Sourced Nylon

Developed in cooperation with independent research institutes, this is the first toothbrush to be almost entirely biodegradable. It contains practically no fossil-fuel derived materials, and even after disposal in normal waste, the brush would cause no co2 emission.  The body of this innovative toothbrush is made out of surplus wood from the German wood industries and its nylon bristles are made from a nontoxic natural derivative of ricinus oil.  
That all sounds great, but does it actually clean your teeth well? 


Yes, the brush has been developed together with dentists, scientists and toothbrush producers and has the ideal design to gently but thoroughly clean your teeth.
  • The brush head is small to medium in size,
  • the bristles are medium to soft in strength and it is multi-tufted with the individual bristles being optimally shaped for a good cleanse.
  • The slightly tilted brush-head is perfect to reach difficult to reach corners of the mouth. 

The brush comes in six different colours, please select your favourite colour in the drop down menu. 

Made in Germany

When your beloved Berlinbiobrush needs to be replaced you can:

  • dispose of it with the normal waste, since it contains practically no fossile fuel derivaties & the brush burns CO2 neutral, 
  • dispose of it with other recyclable plastics: waste companies are working on a way to recycle bio plastics and soon it will be possible, so start the recycling habit already!
  • also, the packaging of the Biobrush is entirely recyclable.

*** you cannot dispose it with organic waste, especially not the brush. Eventhough the Biobrush is made from bioplastics, unfortunately the brush isn't degrading quick enough to put it in the organic waste bin or even your compost. But: opposed to normal plastics, that take up to 400 years to fall apart (into microplastic parts that will probably never degrade further), bioplastics will degrade within a couple of years, for real.

  • The handle and packaging are made of recyclable wood cellulose, sourced from sustainable surplus-wood.
  • The bristles are made from natural Ricin oil.
  • The colours are achieved using natural & organic pigments.
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Hello! Does the brush require special care, unlike commercial toothbrushes? Also, how long can we use the brush for? Usually, we need to change a brush every once in 3 months. Is it the same here? Much thanks!

Asked by Supriya Talupuru | 05/04/2017, 11:35 | 1 answer(s)

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