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Apeiron originates from the Greek language and means
“never reaching its limits”
To never reach the limits in our actions, thoughts and versatility – that is the high claim we have committed ourselves to for over a decade.
Our history…
begins in 1999 – the year in which Apeiron took over the sales of the Ayurvedic Auromère herbal toothpaste.
This placed the corner stone of our product philosophy that is still valid today. For Apeiron, this was the entrance into a fascinating world of Ayurveda, which combines an about 6000 year old knowledge about the effect and processing of herbs and plants. During many stays in Sri Lanka we gained insight into the production of the traditional art of cosmetics, whose nurture and effects we are enthusiastic about today as we were then.
The first dip into the world of Ayurveda turned into a strong passion. By now Apeiron is an expert concerning the development of natural and harmonic cosmetic care products.
Careful choices – for your well-being
The products developed by Apeiron are certified, kind to the skin and protecting formulas of carefully selected ingredients for a natural balance of the body. Unnecessary stress and irritations of the skin are avoided. We make use of raw materials of refined quality, always keeping the aspect of sustainability in mind. A superior quality management guarantees high effectivity and tolerance.
Live consciously, nurture consciously –
simply a good feeling.