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Ami Iyök Ecosmetics

Ami Iyök Ecosmetics


The brand finds its origin and inspiration in the depths of the Costa Rican rainforest, home to the Bribri indigenous people, one of the few remaining ethnic groups there, and among the few to continue to harness natural resources to create beauty treatments with the utmost respect for “Mother Earth”, or Ami Iyök, as she is known in the Bribri language.

Ami Iyök is a certified natural and organic cosmetics brand in which biologically active ingredients are combined with the most cutting-edge research in dermocosmetics to produce products that are demonstrably effective.

Cosmetics, design and technology are three core pillars of the brand, created with integrity and with respect for the environment and for people.

Ami Iyök works with major natural resources from all over the world, known for their magnificent dermatological properties, from the exotic Sacha Inchi Oil from the Amazon to certified organic Mediterranean Olive Oil, among other natural active ingredients. The use of Hyaluronic Acid made through fermentation in a certified plant, and low molecular weight, together with Argireline and Tens’UP, form a perfect blend, creating ideal cosmeceuticals for intensive treatments.

Environmental Commitment

The brand’s corporate environmental responsibility and smart environmental design are hallmarks of their environmental commitment, concepts that go hand in hand; otherwise we would not be the company we are.
In line with this commitment, the brand uses organic eco-friendly packaging. Featuring a patented foldable and reusable design, it is made from poplar wood originating from certified plantations that are strictly controlled.

Our violet glass jars, made using biophotonic technology, block the entire spectrum of visible light, with the exception of ultraviolet light, allowing the passage of a small amount of UV-A and infrared radiation to guarantee optimum protection against the ageing process caused by visible light and prolonging the shelf-life and effectiveness of our products.

Our formulas, both in their composition and in their components, are free of GMOs, parabens, petroleum derivatives, phenols, phthalates or any active ingredients that have not been removed through an enzymatic process that respects the properties of the raw materials.

All our ingredients are 100% natural and organically grown, controlled by our own laboratories and by EcoControl BDIH, which together with the international certification Natrue and its strict standards, ensure the traceability and quality of our raw materials and our products.

Social Responsibility

Ami Iyök cares for your skin and the environment but also for all living beings on the planet on the whole. Through our blog or social networks, you can follow all our solidarity campaigns with different organisations, but chiefly with the NGO Care Highway International, whose projects across the globe meet the schooling, food and health needs of many families and children.

We also lend our support to the fight against animal experimentation and we defend animal rights in general.

Biopiracy and fair trade are issues we are highly aware of. For this reason, we carefully choose our suppliers, ensuring that their trading methods are free of injustices towards ethnic minorities.

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15 ml  -   400  per 100 ml
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15 ml  -   413.33  per 100 ml
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100 ml  -   49  per 100 ml
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100 ml  -   56  per 100 ml
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15 ml  -   406.67  per 100 ml
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50 ml  -   84  per 100 ml
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50 ml  -   186  per 100 ml
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50 ml  -   182  per 100 ml
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100 ml  -   47  per 100 ml
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50 ml  -   164  per 100 ml
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50 ml  -   136  per 100 ml
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200 ml  -   52.50  per 100 ml
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200 ml  -   25.50  per 100 ml