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100% Organic - Food Grade Quality Ingredients

100% Organic or Wild Crafted, Food Grade Quality Ingredients


All of the ingredients in these products are edible. Dr. Alkaitis uses an absolute guideline when formulating his products: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”. 
Herbs (Plants); Quality is of paramount importance. High quality plants provide the greatest therapeutic potential. We use certified organic and biodynamic growers who cultivate certified organic herbs, nuts, plants and oils.
Plants are sourced only from individuals that we have vetted and trust – a relationship developed over several years of professional and personal interaction. We have studied and monitored the strict quality of their practices and procedures. We call this process Boutique Agriculture, since we only interact with growers in which we can assure quality. We guarantee that every plant we use has a real individual responsible for it and personally associated with it.
Wild-crafted herbs are collected from unspoiled wilderness areas and are also sourced in a similar way. Wild-crafters monitor and collect these superior quality plants in a sustainable manner. We source plants both locally and from various regions including: North America, Central America (El Salvador, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Guatemala), South America (Peru, Brazil, and Ecuador), Europe (Netherlands, Italy, France, England, Austria, and Lithuania), Africa (Ghana, Uganda, Madagascar, Egypt, and South Africa), Indonesia and Sri Lanka.
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