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Whamisa is an innovative Korean skincare brand focused on preserving the benefits of natural ingredients. Whamisa products are organic and 100% natural, no chemicals, silicones, parabens, other artificial ingredients or even purified water.

The active ingredients are carefully selected and fermented with the Whamisa signature process, preserving their natural benefits and improving the efficacy of the products.

"We are pioneers in skincare fermentation technology and we've developed our signature fermentation process in 10 years of dedicated research. For us, fermentation was a natural solution to address some of the major challenges for natural skincare products."

Key benefits of fermentation:

- Fermentation works as a natural preservative and is a perfect substitute for synthetic additives.

- Improved efficacy: Fermentation breaks down the active ingredients, which improves absorption.

- Increased concentration of nutrients: fermented ingredients may have increased concentration of antioxidants,     amino acids, minerals, proteins and vitamins.

- Eradicates toxins: Studies have shown that fermentation reduces toxins.  

"We are making thoughtful, natural and effective products, which we hope will contribute to your overall sense of well-being and balance."

Whamisa products are BDIH certified.

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