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Teatox Organic Tea

Teatox - Organic Tea - Behind the Brand

Effective Organic tea for body, mind and soul

TEATOX started with a clear idea of ​​what tea should look like nowadays.
We had no doubt that it had to contain organic certified ingredients of a high quality. Exciting flavors, great scent and vibrant colors were a must as well. 
The only thing missing was the moment in which one could enjoy a cup of tea. We wanted to create a connection between the needs of different people during different times of the day, and the power of natural ingredients.
The result is TEATOX; effective organic tea blends for body, mind and soul.
The creation of our organic tea blends follow a simple principle: harmony of body, mind and soul. We took it upon ourselves to bring this millennia-old philosophical quest into the modern present.
TEATOX relies on the power of nature. Which is why all ingredients in our tea compositions are 100% natural and of organic quality.
One of our main priorities lays in ensuring the high quality of our products – we not only pay attention to ensuring the highest possible quality when selecting our ingredients, but also develop each tea with the help of nutritional experts and tea connoisseurs.