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Tata Harper Skincare

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Tata Harper Skincare 100% natural and non toxic beauty - Behind the Brand

“We redefined natural skincare: 100% Natural & 100% effective. Driven by the latest science from around the world. The result... a complete upgrade.” - Tata Harper

Tata Harper

I started Tata Harper because I felt women deserved to have non-toxic products that really work, products that offer dramatic results driven by science. Generations of women have been putting toxic chemicals into their  bodies for far too long - it was time to stop the madness.
I was compelled to rethink the whole system, consult with the best people around the world and find solutions. Once I had my dream team of green visionary chemists, we got to work.
My mission was to find the best flowers, extracts, essential oils, hydrosols, infusions, macerations and plants that provide skin rejuvenation, hydration, anti-wrinkle properties, radiance, vitality, elasticity and more.
After five years of non-stop work with a team of chemists, the result is the development of a unique skincare line that is 100% natural and 100% effective.
Tata Harper is headquartered on our 1200-acre farm in the gorgeous Champlain Valley in the Organic farming belt of Vermont.


We have our own laboratories and facilities where we oversee all areas of production, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. This is also where we grow, harvest and source some of the anti-inflammatory, soothing and moisturizing ingredients that go into the line as well as receive all of our premium raw active ingredients from around the world.  “Vermont is where everything happens.”


Tata Harper Skin Care Plan Regimen - what to use per skin type

Tata Harper Skin Care Certification - cruelty free