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Gluten Free


SA.AL & CO Natural Organic Vegan Skin Care for Men is the result of an elaboration about how truly great men’s skincare really should be. We therefore decided to come back to the basics, choosing great ingredients, a foundation for any great product. Further, focusing on great effects, a great scent, and a great selection and offering, we created something unique for everyone and every day. Thus establishing a significant contribution to a men’s daily routine.

An uncompromising selection of only premium, natural ingredients result in products that are potent, but not aggressive, remedying in a soothing, gentle way and creating a smooth sensory effect. The use of sophisticated formulas and a small batch production process further guarantees a degree of quality and freshness.
The subtle, elegant and fresh natural scent is a consequence of the ingredients and the use of a consistent selection of essential oils across all products.
We chose to offer a range providing alternatives to the essentials that most men use every day. The multi-purpose products simplify men’s daily interaction with skincare –  I .E. A body wash that is also a shampoo or an after shave that is also a moisturizer.
This rigorous scrutiny of details lead to products that create maximum enjoyment.