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BINU - Natural Soaps 

The Beauty Secret from Korea

Skincare has an important place in Korean culture. BINU soaps are hand made in the traditional manufactory of the parents of one of the brand-founders, located in South Korea. "Binu" is the Korean word for "soap".

BINU soaps are made with high quality ingredients that are not so well known in the West, such as Bamboo Leaf Pulver, Activated Bamboo-Charcoal and Hinoki-Water, but have proofed their effectiveness over centuries in Asian Cleansing Rituals.

Where old fashioned facial soaps fell from grace because of the high level of alkali they used to contain, causing dry skin and loss of elasticity, modern day solid soaps have no such effect. BINU promises a new standard when it comes to skin care, the soaps are moisturizing, balancing, give a rich lather and no more "tight skin" effect after washing. Quite the opposite, actually.
Which BINU fits to your skin type?