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Do you have RMS un cover up samples?

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I live in Denmark and would like to purchase RMS beauty uncover up, but I am unsure of the shade, 22 or 33, for my skin. It is expensive and I would like to test it before I purchase it. Do you offer samples, or do you know of a store in Ã…rhus, DK, that I may go to and test the products? Also do you sell the RMS beauty gift sets? Thanks, Alexis
asked Feb 19, 2012 in Product advise & info by anonymous

1 Answer

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Hi Alexis,

Unfortunately, we don't have any RMS samples in stock at the moment, but I'm sure we can help. 

If you could send us one or more photo's from yourself at  then we can probably see which shade you need. 

What might also help, is to look at the celebrities we posted under the products. please see the descriptions.

UPDATE! - We do now make rms samples ourselves. Feel free to request some for free with your order at step 4 of checkout, or simply buy our sample pack!

Hope to hear from you, and if you have any more quesions please do not hesitate to contact us.


answered Feb 20, 2012 by Amazingy (2,470 points)
edited Jan 8, 2014 by Amazingy