Why You Should Be Oiling Your Hair

Have you ever seen a hair commercial, you know the one: with the girl whipping around her perfect, shaped, shining hair, and thought: that’s not real. Yes, it’s true, that is an unachievable standard–your hair will probably never look like that…because it truly isn’t real. However, there is a way you can get closer: start oiling your hair. Soon you’ll find yourself singing “I woke up like this—flawless”.

Putting oil in your hair seems counterintuitive. You’re probably thinking, don’t I wash my hair every day to take OUT the oil? And you’re right. But, oiling your hair doesn’t make it permanently oily and it does make it infinitely more healthy. Honestly, oiling your hair, from what I’ve found, seems to be like a magical cure-all for so many common hair problems. You name it, hair oiling’s on it. Hair loss, split ends, dullness, dryness, thinning, greying, FRIZZ! Check, check, check, check.

There are many different ways to oil your hair: you can use oil as an intensive mask, leaving your hair soaking in it for a few hours or even overnight, you can use a smaller amount as a leave-in-conditioner after a shower, or you can use it as a styling product. The choice of which oil to use depends on your preference. There are two different oil types that are typically used in traditional hair oiling practices: a base oil and an essential oil. A base oil would be something such as olive oil, coconut oil or argan oil and an essential oil would be rosemary, grapefruit, or rose. The base oil acts as a carrier oil for the essential oil, meaning, it is used to diffuse the more potent and concentrated essential oil. Each essential oil targets a specific hair dilemma, which you can find out more about here. However, the base oil can totally be used on it’s own. That’s what I do, anyhow. So, since there are basically TONS of ways you can oil your hair, I am going to tell you about my preferred technique, otherwise, I’ll end up writing a novel here.

I use coconut oil—praise mother earth for coconut oil! It is the most magical multi-purpose oil I have ever come across. I could write an entire article just gushing about how wonderful coconut oil is and the gazillion different ways you can use it…but I’ll stop myself. (Pro-tip: coconut oil has the added advantage of stimulating hair growth) So, yes, I use coconut oil and I do hair oiling when I’ve noticed that my hair has become an unruly, frizzy, dull, ugly mess. Basically, when my hair becomes desperate and starts pleading for help. How often you should oil your hair depends on your hair type, but I’d recommend typically either once a week for damaged hair or once a month for normal hair.

Some people leave the oil in their hair overnight, but I just leave it in for about two hours or so before I’m planning on taking a shower. The process itself is so self-explanatory that it doesn’t take much learning to become a pro. With coconut oil, you’re gonna want to wait until the oil heats up in your hand and turns into its liquid form. Make sure you’re starting with brushed hair and then basically, you just put the oil in your hair. Use a generous amount and start with your roots and massage it in a downwards direction. Separate the hair into sections and work your way around, making sure you’ve covered every section from ear to ear. Twist your hair up into a top bun and voila! Sit and wait while the magic happens. When your inner hair stylist tells you enough time has passed, it’s time to wash it out (at least 3 shampoo cycles is necessary from my experience). Afterwards, your hair will be shinier, fuller, softer and overall more radiant—I guarantee it. (Pro tip: In addition to regular hair oiling, I use argan oil on my hair after each shower. I put just a few drops into my palm and then comb it through my hair. This goes a long way to prevent frizz and improve overall appearance. Not to mention all the health benefits of argan oil.)

After I finish the routine, there is a visible transformation in the quality of my hair. I always feel like I just had a professional spa treatment, but for a fraction of the price.  My hair looks shiny and it’s so silky smooth that I can’t keep my hands off of it.

The end of summer is actually one of the best times to oil your hair, because of all the sun damage that is inflicted upon your poor locks while you’ve been out splashing in the pool or frolicking in the ocean. So go! Run and find your favourite oil and treat yourself to a little self-love. Do you have a favourite hair oiling routine? Let me know in the comments below.

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