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Behind the Brand: Vintner’s Daughter

Comprised of 22 of the world’s most active organic and wild-harvested botanicals, Vintner’s Daughter Serum is the buzz on the lips of all the in-the-know green beauty enthusiasts. This precious serum is being hailed as the new beauty savior, able to treat almost any skin ailment. It was crafted by April Gargiulo, a Californian furniture designer & winemaker turned skin hero expert. When this product arrived at Amazingy headquarters, we

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My Week Without Makeup

How often do you wear makeup? Whether it’s everyday, three times a week, or only on special occasions, chances are you’d be shocked if you had to go without it completely. If you know me, then you probably know that I usually wear a full face. That means: foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eyebrow pencils and the occasional pink or nude lip. It sounds like a ton of stuff

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X-mas Raffle: RMS Giveaway – CLOSED

Looking glam during the holidays is on the top of everyone’s to-do list and there’s no better way to do it than by playing with RMS’s little pots of makeup magic. Create a cozy and romantic look for Christmas and then follow it up with a sleek and city-chic New Years look. We’re excited to announce that three lucky ladies will have the chance to win an RMS gift sets this holiday

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