Sexy Lips – Wear Your Cupid’s Bow!

Ever wondered how apparently all celebs have that irresistible pout? Is it all surgery and botox?

It doesn’t have to be! If you’re not blessed by mother nature and the thought of needles anywhere near your face is sending a cold chill down your spine here’s a little trick as to how to conjure a sensual, sexy pout (lacking any side-effects or pains!):

[column size=”1-2″] Have a look at your upper lip in a mirror. It curves with a slight dip in the middle which resembles the shape of a bow. And since your lips are a very sensual body part this line goes by the name of ‘cupid’s bow’, Cupid being the Roman god of erotic love.
[/column] [column size=”1-2″ last=”1″] Cupid Bow Get that sexy Pout!

Now to bring your lips to full attention you will need:

  • a thin make-up brush (e.g. HIRO Travel Lip Brush)
  • some bright eye-shadow, preferrably a bit lighter than your lip skin-tone, maybe a gold or pearl-pink, e.g. RMS Beauty Cream Eye Shadow Lunar

Now apply a tiny bit of eye-shadow with your thin make-up brush just above the ‘peaks’ of your cupid’s bow, drawing the lines of a ‘V’.

You can use a little bit more in the center of the ‘V’, then carefully blend in with the tip of your brush. 

Now apply your favourite clean lipstick or lipgloss et voilà – fuller, pouty, sensual lips 🙂


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