DIY: organic foundation & tinted moisturiser

We had some questions about natural, organic, mineral makeup, fluid foundation & tinted moisturizer. We don’t sell a fluid foundation or tinted moisturiser (yet) but for those who don’t like powder and prefer something  fluid, in less then 1 minute you can turn mineral foundation into an organic(!) fluid version. I especially recommend this for people with dry, sensitive and/or mature skin. It will flatter & even out your skin tone as if you were in your early 20s. You know exactly what goes in your mix, there won’t be any surprise reactions to mystery ingredients. And another great perk: no mess with powder going everywhere.

This way of applying mineral makeup is fun, easy & organic ♥

You’ll need:
HIRO Mineral Foundation, you might want to combine two different colors for a perfect match
♥ Your favorite organic moisturiser, organic oil or even your sunscreen

Simply squeeze your normal dosage moisturiser, oil or sunscreen into your palm, then sprinkle about a quarter teaspoon of HIRO Mineral Foundation on top. Use your fingers from your other hand to blend, and then sweep your hands over your face, starting at the center and moving outward. A quarter teaspoon is for light-medium coverage. For more coverage, simply add more minerals.

Et Voila! A luxurious organic tinted moisturizer/ fluid foundation with SPF!

HIRO Minerals are clean—no parabens, silicone, bismuth oxychloride or extra crap in there— so safe to mix, but please be aware that this goes the same for whatever you’re mixing it with.

These products all work super well to create your own tinted moisturizer/fluid foundation:
Balm Balm Organic Face Balm

Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Serum
Dr. Alkaitis Organic Treatment Oil
Skin & Bones Luxurious Face+Body+Hair Oil
Kimberly Sayer Anti-Oxidant Daily Moisturizing Cream – SPF 30
M Picaut Precious Oil
M Picaut Skin Perfect Moisturiser





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