How to use HIRO Mineral Foundation

How to use HIRO Mineral Foundation

The great thing about HIRO Mineral Foundation is that you only need a small amount to create full coverage. Using the right technique, you can easily create flawless natural looking skin while being assured that your skin is being nourished at the same time. Here’s how:

Prep your skin

Many ladies overlook this step. Prepping the skin correctly will make sure the Mineral Foundation lasts through the day. The mineral foundation comes in the form of a fine loose powder, it adheres to the natural oil of your skin. If your skin is too moisturized or oily, it will melt away. If your skin is too dry, it looks like just powder ‘floating’ over your skin. Make sure your skin is adequately moisturized before applying the Mineral Foundation. You may need a bit of trial and error here. General rule of thumb is to wait about 5-10 minutes after applying a moisturizer before you apply the Mineral Foundation, depending on how fast your skin absorbs the moisturizer.

Get the right amount

Tap a small amount onto the container lid with your foundation brush. We recommend using HIROs flat top foundation brush as it picks up the adequate amount easily and blends the Mineral Foundation better onto your skin. Swirl the foundation brush in the lid to pick up the Mineral Foundation. Tap the brush gently to remove excess powder.  I prefer to use the lid for tapping of excess powder.

foundation swirl tap buff

Blend in

Apply the Mineral Foundation onto your skin using firm circular movements. Use a little at a time and add on layer by layer if need be. Start from the T-zone down to the neck area. The Foundation Brush buffs the powder to help the Mineral Foundation settle onto your skin to give it a smooth, even finish.

Next, you may want to use a concealer brush to pick up a little bit of the Mineral Foundation and dap it onto areas where you need to conceal, the corner of your nose, blemishes, scars, dark circles around the eyes etc.

We’ll talk about how to find the right Mineral Foundation shade the next round.


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