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Getting and keeping a beautiful skin is something more than skin deep – Eat the right food and make your skin glow with health.
The condition of your kidneys and liver has a huge impact on your skin. In fact, the things you consume, are the material your body is made off.

A convincing example? When you are living on coffee and cigarettes no moisturizer in the world can do for you what simply quitting can! If you don’t believe us, just try. But right, quitting is harder than eating healthy which is actually tasty and fun, so let’s concentrate on the food. If you want to have a well-fed skin, you could start with three important steps. Of course there is more to it, but let’s start simple.

1. Grab colorful fruits and vegetables! They supply your body and skin with built-in sun protection. All the attractive colors of tomatoes, eggplants, greens, oranges and so forth give away the presence of antioxidants. They are tremendously important to the body and protect against diseases like cancer. But they also protect the skin against sunburn, skin cancer and wrinkles! A little afraid all those colourful substances might give your skin a funny tone? Well actually you don’t have to worry. They work in small amounts and give your skin a natural and attractive glow that makes you even more attractive to the other sex. Scientific fact!

Skin - health - beauty - food- vegetables

2. Boost your protein intake. Skin is for a large part made of protein. So if you don’t nourish your skin, it will be more vulnerable to sagging and loss of collagen. Animal proteins are better at supplying your skin with what it needs than vegetable proteins. Fatty fish might be your best choice, since it also contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. These wonderful substances prevent acne, sunburn and dry skin. But if you love animals – like we do – nuts and beans, especially soybeans, provide excellent vegetable proteins. Make sure you eat enough of them!

3. Talking about soybeans… they are really the number one skin food on this planet. They don’t only give you the necessary proteins but also genestein en daidzein, two substances that slightly mimic the effect of estrogens (female hormones). Some people might worry about that, but honestly, most research shows very positive health effects. And most of this research is NOT sponsored by soy industries, contrary to popular believe. A recent study amongst women showed that their wrinkles actually lessened after they started consuming soy. And Japanese girls are living proof of this!

Hanny Roskamp is a Dutch health writer and author of the books ‘Wie mooi wil zijn moet slim eten’ (“If you want to be beautiful, eat smart”) and ‘de houdbare vrouw’ (“The long-lasting woman”).
She is great at communicating scientific issues in a comprehensible and fun way. Find out more (in Dutch) on


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