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ONE SQUARE INCH of skin contains, among other things, approximately 71 feet of blood vessels and 300 feet of nerves; approximately 20 million cells, including countless cells for touch, pain, heat and cold; and approximately 100 hairs, 100 sebaceous glands and 650 sweat glands.

Why is our Skin Important?

Our outer skin is the only visible part of the entire body. Because our skin is our calling card, it is of the utmost importance for us to have it look great. Of all the organs, the skin occupies the widest surface area of our body and has the greatest weight. It envelops the entire body, holding the parts together, protecting them, and giving them their special shape. To do this the skin must be elastic.

The sebaceous glands play an important role in maintaining this elasticity. The fatty substance (sebum) secreted by the sebaceous gland is an essential ingredient for the maintenance of a supple skin. The emulsion formed by sebum is acidic and protects the skin against harmful bacteria. It is a complex mixture of lipid substances, fat like materials insoluble in water that reach the skin’s surface by way of the mouth of the follicles – specialized skin cells capable of growing hairs. When synthetic chemicals used in cosmetic products obstruct the mouth of these follicles, the sebum cannot get out, which results in the formation of blackheads or inflammations

Every 24-hours, 3-4 cups of moisture may be released from the skin. Sweat glands play a crucial role in this. Their action is similar to that of the lungs and kidneys. The sweat glands are enclosed in a fine network of blood vessels. One of their many functions is to take care of moisture evaporation from the skin and the excretion of sweat, which contains broken down organic substances, adding to the cleansing of our blood.

When perspiration evaporates from the skin’s surface it cools the skin, as well as the blood, which circulates through the capillaries. This cooling action has an effect on the nerves, causing the nerves in turn to contract the blood vessels, thereby slowing down the rate of blood flow and evaporation. This also ensures that cooling of the body does not become too extreme, making a direct contribution to the control of body temperature.

Chemicals are liable to dehydrate and clog these important sweat glands, thus forming a threat to our health.

Clearly an organ that performs so many essential tasks needs proper attention and care.

Good skin care requires a healthy eating habit first and foremost. A diet rich in vitamins A, C and B- complex, for example organic foods like: brown rice, beans and lentils, organic vegetables and fruits. Avoid white sugar and food prepared with white flour and deep-fried fats. Cold pressed certified organic oils and butter are recommended. And if at all possible, try to get daily exercise in the open air. However everyday skin care and protection of the skin are also vital.


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