Vivesana Organic Sunscreen

A significant advancement in high performance synthetic-free and 70% organic sun care, Vivesana provides durable, clear, and antioxidant-rich protection. No phthalates, no parabens and no BPA.

Live Healthy

Vivesana means “live healthy”. Vivesana began with doctors, teachers, artists, farmers, chefs, athletes, lawyers, moms, dads and little kids who take that motto to heart. We wanted safe, natural and effective products. We wanted labels we could trust. We wanted companies to have broader goals than the bottom line.
We set out to create our dream products – carefully developing combinations of high quality organic ingredients while steering clear of unnecessary fillers, unpronounceable chemicals, and irritating natural ingredients.
Simplicity is Golden 
Our guiding principle was that good skin care formulation, like good cooking, is all about freshness, quality and simplicity. We digested thousands of the latest studies, but from kitchen to lab, we made sure to preserve a homemade touch.
Safer, Inside and Out 
Looking at the retail shelves, all we saw was shiny plastic from around the globe. We set out to find something better. We found local, safe, responsible packaging without sacrificing a shade of personality or elegance.
Keeping Perspective 
All the while, our goal has been to improve the world around us. Sana found worthy non-profits to work with and support. We ensured that every aspect of our practices was responsible and sustainable.

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