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Kimberly Sayer - Pure Lavender Toner

Pure Lavender Toner


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Brand: Kimberly Sayer

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Kimberly Sayer - Pure Organic Lavender Toner

For dry, sensitive and normal skin | Soothing redness and iritation from rosacea

Specifically formulated for skin prone to sensitivity and dryness, this gentle toner contains only purified water and the finest, steam distilled organic Lavender Flowers harvested in Northern California. It is ideal for hormonally imbalanced skin and for skin exposed to harsh elements such as heat and pollutants. To eliminate or reduce redness and irritation resulting from Rosacea, apply to damp cotton pads and place on the affected areas for 15-20 minutes.

• Naturally balances PH level in the skin
• Ideal for dry, sensitive skin and for individuals suffering from Rosacea
• Instantly removes redness and irritation from the skin



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