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Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner / Serum

Organic Replenishing Serum / Toner


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Brand: Dr. Alkaitis

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Dr.Alkaitis - Organic Replenishing Serum / Toner

A therapeutic organic nectar that balances, heals nourishes and protects skin both day and night, to keep the complexion radiant.

This vitamin-rich serum combines anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera with Wild Chamomile flowers and toning Witch Hazel to re-hydrate and restore skin balance.
The Organic Replenishing Serum is an integral part of every skincare regime, providing essential nutrients, protection from free radicals and deep moisturising.

Special use: also helps to sooth and heal burns; as well as being an excellent after-sun tonic.

100ml - 100% active


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