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Organic Baby Cotton Wool Cleansing Pads

Organic Baby Cotton Cleansing Pads

Brand: Simply Gentle

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Simply Gentle - Organic Baby Cotton Cleansing Pads

These 100% Organic Baby Cleansing pads have a number of uses both for babies and parents.

They are designed for thorough and gentle cleansing of babie's sensitive skin as well as removing your makeup. They are ideal for drying babies fingers and toes, removing dirt and grime or cleaning areas around cuts and grazes. They can also be used to apply, oils, salves and ointments, particularly to sensitive places.
These pads work particularly well with all Cleanser and Toners, as part of your daily cosmetic & skincare routine.

Bag contains approximately 60 Cleansing Pads

Simply Gentle produce organic cotton wool products.
This is the first cotton wool producer to hold Organic status from the Soil Association. Since then, Simply Gentle has become the first UK manufacturing organisation to achieve registration against the International Standard for Social Accountability. Therefore you can buy your organic cotton wool essentials safe in the knowledge that Simply Gentle are doing all they can to minimise their impact on the environment - just like us!

Made in Poland


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