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Vestige Verdant - Organic Bioactive Anti Ageing Mask
Vestige Verdant - Organic Bioactive Anti Ageing MaskVestige Verdant - Organic Bioactive Anti Ageing Mask

Organic Bioactive Anti Ageing Mask


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Brand: Vestige Verdant

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Vestige Verdant - Organic Bioactive Anti Ageing Mask

This revitalising mask gives your skin the benefits of all-natural, organic and synthetic free-care.

Vestige Verdant Organic Bioactive Face Mask is more than a truly effective, deep cleansing and healing face mask. It is a sensation and an event. A ritual that can be felt while using it and the result visible immediately after. It is an experience of the benefits of the highest grade organic cosmetics, characterised by absolute purity.

Perfect for balancing the visible side effects of a busy lifestyle. Keeping your skin fresh, clean and gorgeous by helping you get rid of all the bad stuff hiding under your skin. There is a reason our clients refer to this face mask as a “miracle mask” and we kindly invite you to find out why first hand.


  • A deep cleansing and moisturising effect is the result of numerous bioactive ingredients and minerals, restoring the natural pH level of your skin. To properly clean and revive your skin, it only makes sense to do so naturally - not using the same chemicals that stressed it out in the first place.
  • A detoxifying effect is ensured using bioactive humic acid and minerals that bind and extract harmful substances from the deepest layers of your skin. Works wonders on your face and is even powerful enough to help fight cellulite.
  • Healing your skin is important to enhance your looks naturally. This mask does it thank to the help of fulvic acid. This acid has proven to be a powerful organic electrolyte, serving to balance cell life, this extending the lifespan of your natural beauty.
  • Soothing your skin is done using bioactive hymatomelanic acid. Nearly 20% of this product is a substance that is entirely organic, helping prevent cancer cells form forming, improving skin texture and supporting the healing process of superficial wounds.

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