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Dr Alkaitis Organic day cream
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Organic Day Cream


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Brand: Dr. Alkaitis

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Dr. Alkaitis - Organic Day Cream

A complete organic moisturising solution to repair, revitalise and protect skin.

A wonderful moisturising elixir containing living antioxidants to prevent, repair and heal daily environmental damage.

Boosted with natural Vitamin E and C to reduce the signs of ageing. Added Echinacea and St. John's Wort stimulate microcirculation increasing the oxygen supply to the surface of the skin, resulting in increased luminosity and a healthy glow. Has a delightfully sweet scent.

Provides a perfect base for makeup.

This great day cream sinks right in and is great for all skintypes. If this leaves your skin oily, you've used too much product.

50ml - 100% Active


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