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Dr Alkaitis Organic day cream
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Organic Day Cream


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Brand: Dr. Alkaitis

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Dr. Alkaitis - Organic Day Cream

A complete organic moisturising solution to repair, revitalise and protect skin.

A wonderful moisturising elixir containing living antioxidants to prevent, repair and heal daily environmental damage.

Boosted with natural Vitamin E and C to reduce the signs of ageing. Added Echinacea and St. John's Wort stimulate microcirculation increasing the oxygen supply to the surface of the skin, resulting in increased luminosity and a healthy glow. Has a delightfully sweet scent.

Provides a perfect base for makeup.

Amazingy comments: Even though Dr. Alkaitis Organic Daycream does not contain extra sunfilters, it does have its own natural sun protection, which is inherent in the plants themselves. This is comparable to SPF 3 to 5 - so perfect for daily use or a quick lunch outside.

This great day cream sinks right in and is great for all skintypes. If this leaves your skin oily, you've used too much product.

50ml - 100% Active


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