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May Lindstrom Skin - The Clean Dirt
May Lindstrom Skin - The Clean DirtThe Clean Dirt - May Lindstrom - Powder Smudge

The Clean Dirt


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May Lindstrom - the Clean Dirt

Brightening exfoliant treatment for daily micro-dermabrasion - power button. magic dust.

An energizing blend of cleansing clays, warming spices and restorative salts lifts impurities while a surge of H20-activated Vitamin C encourages cellular rejuvenation and undeniable luminosity. This stimulating treatment transforms and refines skin’s appearance with a potent cocktail of exfoliants, leaving you velvety smooth and gorgeously radiant.

The Result: A remarkably fresh complexion that will have you cooing like a newborn.

6.76 oz / 200 ml

Please note that the May Lindstrom Collection is excluded from all discounting globally.

Ingy: "Did we have to get used to this cleanser, that magically transforms from powder to paste? Sure. But once we did, we were adepts. Fans of (often aggressive) microdermabrasion treatments or scrubs should definitely try May Lindstrom's The Clean Dirt, which almost gives the same result while still being gentle to the skin. After a while you will notice your pores are becoming smaller and blackheads start to disappear. Leaves skin soft, smooth, radiant and looking healthy. This stuff simply works, even on sensitive skin!"

"Is it a mask? Is it a peeling? Is it a cleanser? It's all that and more!"

Staff says: "If I have some time, I leave the cleanser on as a mask for about 5-10 minutes. The Clean Dirt generally works miracles on skin impurities, such as spots." 


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