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Susanne Kaufmann - Active Agent Concentrate Couperose

Active Agent Concentrate Couperose

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Susanne Kaufmann - Active Agent Concentrate Couperose

Reduces Signs of Couperose and Redness & Builds up the Skins Resistance 

The concentrate couperose includes an intensive active complex with extracts of horse chestnut and brown algae.

Already after 4 weeks of regular use, it improves the skin condition rosacea demonstrably. The concentrate couperose reduces irritation and redness, improves the structure of the skin vessels and makes the skin resistant to external stimuli. A combination of active ingredients from the seeds of horse chestnut, coffee bean and vegetable ceramides cause demonstrable improvement in skin condition. It contains precious shea butter to treat dry and damaged skin barrier.

The effect of the active agent concentrate couperose was confirmed in dermatological tests.



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