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Lovepack - Condoms | Lovemachine 3St
Lovepack - Condoms | Lovemachine 3StLovepack - Condoms | Lovemachine 3StLovepack - Condoms | Lovemachine 3St

Condoms | Lovemachine 3St

Brand: Lovepack

Price: 2.95

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Love Pack - Condoms | Lovemachine 3St

With integrated penis ring

Due to its special form and its specially designed integrated penis ring this condom enables its users to enjoy a stronger and longer-lasting erection. These performance enhancing condoms are transparent and have a layer of silicone oil that functions as an extra lubricant.

Safer sex is fun:

  • Round packet guarantees optimum durability

  • With integrated penis ring
  • Extra thin and ultra sensitive
  • Transparent
  • Natural rubber latex
  • Classic shape
  • With reservoir tip
  • With non-spermicidal lubricant
  • Length: 180mm – nominal width: 52 mm

3 Condoms made in Germany


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