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Abhati - Chambal Sacred Hair Oil
Abhati - Chambal Sacred Hair OilAbhati - Chambal Sacred Hair Oil

Chambal Sacred Hair Oil


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Brand: Abhati

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Abhati - Chambal Sacred Hair Oil

The Beauty Secret of Indian Women

Chambal Sacred Hair Oil is a secret blend of carefully curated and handcrafted Indian Oils.  It is full of antioxidants to stimulate, moisturise and purify your scalp, while encouraging healthy hair growth lustre and vitality. This rich, golden oil is fortified with replenishing vitamins and clinically proven natural ingredients to help transforms dry, brittle, frizzy hair into sleek, shiny, hydrated locks.
Long, healthy hair was a hallmark of beauty in ancient India. Indian women traditionally treasure their hair and do so not by replacing their stripped strands with chemicals but rather by oiling. An age-old tradition in India. 

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