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ILIA Beauty - Tinted Lip Conditioner | Arabian Knights
ILIA Beauty - Tinted Lip Conditioner | Arabian KnightsILIA Arabian Knights SwatchILIA Arabian Knights on lips

Tinted Lip Conditioner | Arabian Knights


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Brand: ILIA Beauty

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ILIA Beauty - Tinted Lip Conditioner | Arabian Knights

The deep tones of violet and burgundy melt together forming a beautiful berry stain. An ideal shade, that is easily carried from day to night.

ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner combines organic ingredients to soothe and condition the lips. Each shade carries a sheer touch of color that increases in intensity when applied liberally. Mix with other ILIA colors to create your own personalized shade.

The luxurious case is made with recycled aluminum

100% natural dye


Amazingy tips:

  • Lightly dabbed on the lips, this shade creates a natural look of beautifully perfused lips - it resembles a natural lip stain.
  • Applied normally you get a beautiful cherry mouth, which goes together well with evening make-up and it´s a great autumn/ winter color.
  • It also can be used as a blush. Simply spread a bit left and right on the cheek and gently massage in.
  • Layer with sister lipstick Femme Fatale for increased moisture

By the way: Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) is rocking the shade Arabian Knights in the Fifty Shades of Grey-Trilogy.


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