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ILIA Beauty - Lipgloss | Gypsy
ILIA Beauty - Lipgloss | GypsyILIA lipgloss smear swatch GypsyILIA lipgloss openILIA lipgloss Gypsy on lips

Lipgloss | Gypsy

Brand: ILIA Beauty

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ILIA Beauty - Lip Gloss | Gypsy

Ox Blood

A follow up to ILIA's Arabian Knights; Gypsy channels warm, saffron tones, and has been known to have a mistress by the name of ILIA's Iko Iko...

With a smooth application and gentle coverage, ILIA Lip Glosses can be paired with any of the existing lip pieces, or alone for a dressed up pout. Packed with essential oils and healing ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E, lips stay soft and hydrated.

0.11 oz / 3.2 g


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