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Kjaer Weis - Cream Foundation
Kjaer Weis - Cream FoundationKjaer Weis Cream Foundation SwatchesKjaer Weis - Cream Foundation

Cream Foundation


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Brand: Kjaer Weis

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Kjaer Weis Foundation Lightness Kjaer Weis Foundation Transparent
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Kjaer Weis - Cream Foundation

This compact foundation features a silky, creamy texture that leaves a poreless, porcelain finish.

Kjaer Weis´ Foundation was created to provide easy, buildable coverage. Apply just a little bit for a translucent look, or layer on more for a finish opaque enough to cover even signs of rosacea and acne.

“As a makeup artist, I can tell you that every great look needs to start with flawless skin. That’s why I created a foundation that provides easy, buildable coverage. The results are a flawless, natural finish; it’s your skin, perfected,” - Kirsten Kjaer Weis

Formulated with moisturizing and age-defying ingredients such as Sweet Almond Seed, Coconut, and Jojoba oils.

Available in 10 shades:

- Kjaer Weis lightest foundation color - created for the fairest of complexions.
"For extremely fair skin, Lightness is a well balanced neutral color, suitable for pink or yellow undertones"

Like Porcelain
- Created for fair skin with pink undertones. Creamy, blendable, weightless texture with a semi-matte finish.
“Perfect for a fair, rosy complexion, Like Porcelain refines even the most sensitive, delicate skin.”

- Just as light as our Paper Thin color, but with a yellow base. – The perfect color for fair-medium skin with a yellow undertone. – Creamy, easily blendable texture with a velvety, semi-matte finish.
“Silken is like a sister shade to Paper Thin - the same lightness, but with a yellow undertone.”

Paper Thin
- Created for fair to medium skin tones with pink undertones - A cool, ivory color that achieves a semi-matte, skin-perfecting finish.
"Use a little bit of Paper Thin to simply even out your skin tone, or layer on a bit more for a more refined, polished look.”

Just Sheer
- Created for fair to medium fair skin with olive or golden undertones - A natural, warm beige color that achieves a semi-matte, flawless finish.
"While my foundations have buttery soft moisturizing properties, they also feel light as air. The end result is perfect looking skin.”

- Best for medium-fair skin with yellow/golden undertones. Cream formula glides on for a semi-matte finish.
- “Consider Subtlety the cousin to Just Sheer, our neutral/warm beige foundation, but with a touch more yellow. The perfect match for medium-fair golden skin.”

- Created for medium to medium dark skin with golden or olive undertones - A warm, honey shade that achieves a semi-matte, light-as-air finish.
“Illusion is a warm honey beige that blends so well, no one will notice you’re wearing makeup. They’ll just notice how beautiful your skin is!”

- Created for medium dark to dark skin with golden or olive undertones. Creamy and easy to blend, yet results in a semi-matte, poreless finish.
“Velvety is just like it sounds: your skin will be left looking soft, touchable, absolutely perfect. Just like the most expensive silk velvet.”

- For medium-dark skin with golden undertones. Creamy, easily blendable texture with a velvety, semi-matte finish.
“Transparent is an exact half step between the Velvety and Delicate Cream Foundation colors.”

- Kjaer Weis darkest color foundation has a rich, golden undertone – Made for medium dark-dark skin tones. Creamy, easily blendable texture with a velvety, semi-matte finish.
“Kjaer Weis deepest shade of foundation goes on like a dream thanks to ingredients like almond seed, jojoba, and coconut oils.”



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