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RMS Beauty - Cream Eye Shadow Magnetic

Cream Eye Shadow Magnetic


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Brand: RMS Beauty

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RMS beauty - Cream Eye Shadow Magnetic

RMS Beauty Cream Eye Shadow: eye cream & shadow in one. 

Magnetic: A taupe silver with a hint of mauve

Unlike most commercial eye shadows that accelerate aging and emphasize lines, RMS Beauty Cream Eye Shadows double as an eye cream to nourish and moisturize the eye area.

Light reflecting RMS Beauty Cream Eye Shadows create a very sheer refined metallic glow with all the benefits of raw mineral pigments without the dryness that occurs with minerals alone. They have a subtle, glossy, light reflecting quality to them giving them a very unique finish... both modern and youthful. These sensual shadows need to be applied very sparingly and worked into the skin like you would a moisturizer.


PRO tip: Do not use sunscreen, eye cream, or moisturizer on eyes before applying rms beauty Eye Polish, as it will cause excess creasing due to the synthetics ingredients in the sunscreens. A primer can be used if you tend towards a naturally oily eye as it will hold the shadow better. These eye polishes are a veil of sheer colour, so always apply the eye shadow on a bare, dry lid by working into the skin (think polishing) for better hold. When applying it, bring it up to the brow bone and blend it out so you don’t see where the colour stops and starts. Pop a hint of color in the center of the eye near lashes,  such as Solar, Lunar  or even Inspire Eye Polish. You only want to see a hint, not full-on blast of color in the center. This really opens up the eye and ‘brightens’ it.  Oily lids a problem? Powder down the lid with ‘Un’ Powder, or use a powdered shadow as a base for better hold. 


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