Mungo Murphy's Seaweed Co.

Mungo Murphy lives in Connemara in the West of Ireland on a bogland beside the sea. He lives with his one-eyed rabbit named Sushi and his tailless cat, Parnell. He began as a farmer of periwinkles, but now deals primarily in seaweed (and he does dabble in various different side projects from time to time).  
Mungo Murphy's Seaweed Cottage
When not harvesting seaweed, Mungo is either soaking himself in a seaweed bath or else eating the seaweed in one of his delicious and nutritious culinary creations. Mungo loves seaweed and he treats it with respect when collecting it from the fresh Atlantic Ocean. 
Other things that Mungo enjoys include: getting lost, sneezing and watching beans sprout. He hopes that you too will love seaweed just as much as he does.

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