A triple responsibility: safer sex, fair payment for the rubber tappers and a responsibility to our climate.

The natural rubber for Lovepack Condoms comes from the New Ambadi Plantation in Tamil Nadu, South India, where nature and especially the rubber trees are treated in a sustainable way. Biological diversity is encouraged, the natural vegetation prospers and animals that have been missing for a long time reappear. The plantation offers courses on saving the environment not only for the workers but also for all villagers. After all respect and care for the environment is a joint responsibility. New Ambadi is FSC certified.

Lovepack condoms are produced climate and CO2 neutral. In 2009 the CO2 emission of our condom production was researched. Therefore the whole chain of production – from the rubber tree to the packed condom was analyzed, including all transports and emissions in administration.

The remaining CO2 emission has been calculated at 0, 08 kilogram CO2 per condom. Through multiplying this number with the yearly production of 5 million Lovepack condoms they found out that 400 tons of CO2 have to be compensated. Lovepack did so by planting trees in the German state of Mecklenburg- Vorpommern. In the near future they will be able to provide solar cookers for the plantation workers in South India.

Lovepack condoms are produced by CPR Corporation in Sarstedt, near Hannover. CPR is an ISO certified medical device manufacturer and produces condoms that meet EU requirements. The production is constantly controlled by TÜV Rhineland which is indicated by the CE 0179 mark.

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