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Abel Organic Perfume - Vintage '13
Abel Organic Perfume - Vintage '13Abel - Vintage '13Abel - Vintage '13Abel - Vintage '13

Vintage '13


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Brand: Abel

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Abel - Vintage '13 - 100% Organic Perfume

Abel’s debut Eau de Parfum Vintage ’13 is a sensual warm fragrance based around the alluring CLOVE BUD. Top notes of Bergamot, Black Pepper & Clove Bud open with UNEXPECTED BRIGHTNESS which transitions into the rich sensuality of Sandalwood & Vanilla. Hints of Vetiver & Thyme add a clean masculinity.




What’s in a name?

Inspired by Frances’ winemaking background and in response to an ever increasing demand for product consistency, we’ve turned the other way. Vintage ’13 represents our 2013 (and first) bottling of this fragrance. There are and will only ever be, 2000 bottles of Vintage ’13 produced for sale. Vintage ’14 will be released in 2014. Working with the same recipe each year, but also WITH nature, will result in each ‘vintage’ reflecting the unique characteristics and seasonal nuances of the individual harvest.

Embracing imperfection

You’ll likely notice a small sediment in the bottle of the Vintage ’13 bottle. This is the result of a natural reaction between the ingredients in the fragrance. Nature isn’t about sterile perfection and neither is Abel, we’re celebrating the beauty of ‘real’.




Declaring ingredients, oh my!

Yes, we respect the ancient art of perfumery, yes perhaps, an ingredients list may kill a little romance. However, like the food you put in your mouth, we believe you also have the right to know what you are putting on your skin. You can then make your own, informed decisions.

Vintage ’13 – Full Ingredients List:

Top Notes: Clove Bud Oil (Madagascar), Bergamot Oil (Italy), Black Pepper Oil (Madagascar)

Middle Notes: Ginger Extract (Indonesia), Thyme Oil (Spain), Vanilla Absolute (Madagascar)

Base Notes: Vetiver Oil (Madagascar), Sandalwood Oil (East India), Amyris Oil (West Indies)

Base: Grain alcohol (Italian)

Note: All ingredients are independently organically certified. Organic certification also guarantees fair trade and sustainable farming practices.




Minimalist yet real & functional.

To create packaging to do justice to the Vintage ’13 scent, Abel worked with local Dutch designers and craftsmen to create minimalist packaging that is real and functional whilst at the same time classic and striking.

No.1 Priority:

Organic perfume means perfume without chemical UV heat or light protectants. The use of a simple wooden shell means the Vintage ’13 scent is naturally protected from the elements.

Packaging only where it’s needed:

The task was to create something beautiful and substantial using no more inputs than necessary. Packaging that contains and protects the perfume, is satisfying to use and looks great to boot.

The Craft:

Vintage ’13′s protectant shell is a collaboration with local wood craftsman Jurre Slijkerman of JUR.re who individually hand-makes each case using reclaimed oak sourced from old rail carriages at his studio in Anna Poulowna. The outer packaging for the Vintage ’13 perfume is created using 100% recycled paper in the home of cradle-to-cradle thinking, Eindhoven.



World’s first 100% Organic Eau de Parfum?

…Really? How? Why?! Most perfumes are made using a mixture of (mainly) synthetic, and some natural ingredients. Very few perfumes are made using any organic ingredients and we believe there is no other Eau de Parfum available made using only 100% organic ingredients.


Compounds crafted in a laboratory to smell like a particular smell. Synthetic compounds provide more options and FLEXIBILITY, at a CHEAPER PRICE, however we are still learning what the REAL price tag is. A good example is MUSK. Natural musk is derived from the gland of the male deer and as such is banned in modern perfumery. Chemists formulated a synthetic compound that smells similar to natural musk to use as a substitute. The downside to synthetic musk is that it has shown to accumulate in the food chain and have a negative impact on the environment and aquatic life. (There are also many studies linking synthetic musk to hormone disruption & breast cancer.)


Compounds derived from things that naturally occur in the environment (plants, animals and minerals). Until the late 19th Century, all perfumes were ‘natural’ because science had not yet developed synthetic compounds. Natural compounds are living and as such develop on your skin. They don’t ‘fix’ like synthetics compounds so tend not to last as long on your skin (some people like this, some people don’t). There has been a resurgence of natural perfume-making in the past decade due to both the health concerns of synthetics and the BEAUTY of wearing an ALL NATURAL fragrance.


Like ‘Natural’ compounds, Organic compounds are derived from nature. However Organic certification guarantees the compound has been produced (grown & processed) without the use of harmful pesticides, insecticides, hormones & more. Organic production requires a lot of care and commitment from the grower and often results in smaller crops, with more intense concentration of aroma. As such, organic ingredients are RARE & EXPENSIVE. All ingredients in Abel’s Vintage ‘13 are independently Certified Organic. We decided there was no need to Organically Certify Vintage ’13 – when 100% of the ingredients are organic we believe there is no use for a certification guaranteeing the product is PARTLY organic.*

* Organic perfume certification by Ecocert or Natrue require 95% of natural and 10% of total products to be organic.


Sex (Uni)


It’s not a question of sex.

Over the past century (largely due to EXPLICIT advertising and imagery), we’ve grown to believe men & women should smell differently. Saying only women should wear rose and men musk, is like saying only women should drink Champagne and only men, Scotch. Yes one is more feminine than the other, but not exclusively so and there is a whole world in between.

Abel sits somewhere in NO-MANS-LAND, a land where gender doesn’t matter, where it’s all about the scent, who’s wearing it and how the two interact.

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