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Dr. Bronner - Organic Body Balm | Patchouli Lime

Organic Body Balm | Patchouli Lime

Brand: Dr. Bronner

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Dr.Bronner - Organic Body/Tattoo Balm Patchouli Lime

For extra-dry, flaky or cracked skin, especially in winter conditions, this balms restore and moisturize skin without being greasy.

Lightly scented with patchouli and lime.

The Fair Trade certified formula soothes dry and skin anywhere: hands feet elbows etc. Made with a pure blend of hydrating jojoba, avocado and hemp oils combined with organic beeswax. Free of synthetic ingredients or chemicals.

These balms are also excellent for helping new tattoos heal, and to freshen and brighten older tattoo colors, contrasts.



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